How does it work?

How does LidskáSí operate?

We are a marketplace. LidskáSí is an online platform connecting customers with independent professionals. You select the time and cleaning type, and we find you the best match.

Who are cleaning ladies via LidskáSí

Cleaning ladies via LidskáSí are highly-trained, high-quality independent professionals. We train each of our cleaning ladies and are always there for them, making sure they love the service they provide. Find out yourself!

Would you prefer a regular cleaning lady?

We will do our best to find a cleaning lady who can come to your home on regular basis. Once you are familiar with her, you can leave her with the keys and have her do her work whether you are home or not.

If your regular cleaning lady leaves for any reason, e.g., vacation or illness, we will inform you via SMS one day in advance so that you are made aware that we are sending a one-time replacement, or you can reschedule to a time when your regular lady is back.

Make sure you order regular cleaning on a weekly basis or on a once per two-week basis.

What is automatically included in the service?

The usual cleaning includes:

  • Living areas and bedroom
    • removing spiderwebs and cleaning all freely accessible surfaces of dust
    • polishing all mirrors and glossy surfaces
    • vacuuming and washing the floor
    • taking out the trash
  • Bathroom and toilet
    • removing spiderwebs
    • cleaning sink drains
    • bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet cleaning
    • paneling and tap cleaning
    • polishing all mirrors and glossy surfaces
  • Kitchen
    • removing spiderwebs and cleaning all freely accessible surfaces of dust
    • doing the dishes (either manually or in a dishwasher)
    • stove cleaning
    • vacuuming and washing the floor
    • throwing out the trash

What are the extras?

Some activities take extra time to carry out, e.g., ironing, windows, inner areas of ovens, or fridges. If you wish these to be cleaned, it is necessary to add some extra time on top of your regular cleaning time. One medium-sized window takes 30 minutes of cleaning, while an oven and fridge add approximately one hour. There are no extra fees for these activities; you are charged per hour for the cleaning ladies’ work, regardless of what she does during that time. If you wish to order solely a window clean, this is possible. Just calculate 30 minutes per window in your household, and place an order with the note, “Just windows.”

What about detergents and cleaning tools?

The cleaning ladies adhere to a high degree of hygienic standards. In order to meet these, it is necessary that they be provided with proper tools and detergents. Each customer should provide their cleaning lady with a vacuum cleaner, dusting swab, window cleaner if needed, four pieces of microfiber, and detergents. It is also possible to order our professional detergents, so that you can enjoy full ease of use. Moreover, our professional detergents are highly concentrated and last up to 2 years. This means you win twice – you save your money and the planet from a surplus of unnecessary plastic bottles.

What if the cleaning lady did not show up?

Sometimes, things happen on the way. If the cleaning lady does not show up for her scheduled cleaning, please let us know, and we will offer you the closest possible date for a cleaning or release the withheld payment from your bank account.

What if the cleaning lady happens to destroy anything?

No worries; we are insured for damage caused by accident up 10 000 000 CZK. If anything is broken or destroyed during the cleaning process, please take a picture and contact us so that we can solve the issue.

What if I am missing something?

If you cannot find anything after the cleaning ladies visit, please contact us. There have been cases when a cleaning lady puts things in an unexpected place, and this may cause misunderstanding. However, if there is serious suspicion of theft, we will call the police right away and cooperate with them so that the offender is found.

How much does it cost?

Cleaning prices are dynamic. This means that the price of cleaning varies day-to-day and hour-to-hour, depending on the availability of our professionals. However, you can select a date and time which you prefer, and if you order a subscription (on a weekly or twice a month basis), we guarantee you the same price that you pay for the first order every visit.

How does payment work?

To make sure that professionals get paid for their job, we ask your bank to reserve an amount necessary for cleaning from your bank account as soon as you make your first order. In the case that you are subscribed, we always ask your bank to hold the money three days prior to the scheduled cleaning. If the cleaning is cancelled for any reason, the payment is automatically reversed. The payment is withheld from your bank account after the service delivery.

How can I pay for the service?

Payment is very easy. All you need is a bank card. Just provide your bank card details when finishing the order and after the service is done, we withhold the appropriate amount per visit. Right after you place the order, we ask your bank to reserve the expected amount to cover the cleaning. However, the amount is withheld after the service is done. If you order a subscription service, the cleanings are paid for automatically by the card used for the first cleaning. If you wish to change a bank card, just contact our support. Please note that we do not collect any bank card details.

What if the cleaning was longer/shorter than scheduled?

If the cleaning lady managed to do her job earlier than expected, she will let us know, and we will give you a proportional refund in “credits,” which will be automatically used to cover your next scheduled cleaning. Sometimes, the cleaning is more demanding than expected, or you may wish for extra services. In this case, the cleaning lady may ask you to consider prolonging the cleaning time. If you agree, then she will contact us and we will charge you proportionally to the added cleaning length.

How do I set the correct cleaning length?

The minimal cleaning time is 4 hours. The service is charged per hour of cleaning regardless of action. If you wish for cleaning of just one area, e.g. the bathroom or living room, and for the rest of the time to be used for doing “extras,” such as cleaning windows or ironing, it is possible. When you are not sure about proper cleaning length, please feel free to contact our support, who will be happy to help you determine the right cleaning time.

What if I don’t feel like using the service anymore?

We understand that life is always changing, so if you feel like interrupting your use of our service, you can cancel your subscription any time. There are no penalties* or time-enforced contracts.

(*fees apply if you cancel the cleaning less than 24 hours prior to scheduled cleaning)

Are all cleaning ladies English speakers?

We always try our best to send an English-speaking cleaning lady to our foreign customers. We cannot guarantee it, though. However, you can contact our support Mon. to Fri. from 7:00 to 16:00, and they will be happy to help with translation instructions or to write special instructions for you when making an order, and we will make sure the cleaning lady gets a Czech translation.

When can I give keys to the cleaning lady?

We believe it is good to become familiar with your regular cleaning lady before giving her the keys. Therefore, there is an internal rule that our customers may give the cleaning lady their keys after the third visit, so that both parties are sure about mutual long-term cooperation. When handing the keys over, the cleaning lady is required to sign a “handover form,” which the lady should bring two printed copies of – one for the customer and one copy for her.

Where is it possible to order this service?

We currently operate in Prague and Brno. Living outside these areas? We are constantly working on expanding our service; contact us and we will do our best to get a cleaning professional in your neighbourhood.

Let us take care of you and your home!

It is not all about the cleaning. Walking the dog, picking up dry-cleaning, or anything else? Just contact us, and we will connect you with a “tailor-made” professional who will be a perfect fit for all your needs.