Business Terms of LidskáSíla sro

Welcome to LidskáSíla sro, ID 03957837, registered office at Pernerova 10/32, Prague, Czech Republic, registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague under the sp. C 239949 (hereinafter referred to as " Lidská Síla " ).

LidskáSíla is a portal operator that connects customers with independent professionals. Lidská Síla itself does not provide cleaning services, but it provides cleaning from professionals. Before proceeding with your order, please read the terms and conditions, including the terms and conditions for processing your personal information. If you are not an entrepreneur, read the Consumer Guidance section before registering and ordering.

At the beginning - Who and what is governed by these terms and conditions?

Some basic terms:

  • Interested or You means anyone who visits and uses the website or related application (Portal LidskáSí and wants to use cleaning services and other household services by various entities via the LidskáSí Portal (Cleaning services)
  • Professional is an independent provider, whose Cleaning Services can be ordered by the LidskaSí Portal

These business terms apply to:

  • Relationship Applicant - Professional: The Professional will provide you as a Customer to provide cleaning services on the basis of a contract between you and a Professional ( Cleaning Agreement ); The Cleanup Agreement is governed by these Business Terms, but HumanSize is not a participant,
  • Relationship Applicant - LidskáSíla: LidskáSíla will allow You as a Applicant to find through the LidskáSí Portal Professionals with whom you enter into a Contract for Cleaning, provide your Payment Service Provider with your Payment Services to the Professionals for his Cleaning Services and, if applicable, LidskáSíla for Mediation and can arrange for you communication with a Professional ( Mediation ),
  • Relationship Profesionál - LidskáSíla: business conditions complement the cooperation agreement between LidskáSíla and Professional
  • Rights and Obligations of Applicants and Professionals when using the LidskáSí Portal.

These Business Terms and Conditions replace all previous Business Terms and Conditions of Mediation, Cleaning Services or the use of the LidskáSí Portal. Every use of the LidskáSí Portal and, in particular, every Mediation order, the Applicant agrees to the current terms of business terms

Mediation of Cleaning Services


In order to order Cleaning Services and their Mediation, you must register. For this we need your email and contact details. Set up a strong password and protect it from misuse.


If you are interested in Mediation Services, fill out the order form on the LidskáSí Portal. In your order, choose the type and parameters of the Cleaning Service (including any additional services) that you are interested in, the place and exact date of the requested Cleaning Service and, if applicable, a specific Professional (unless you have a box in the form, you can use a message for the lady). When filling in the order, the indicative price for the Cleaning Service ( Preliminary Price ) is automatically calculated according to the order in the standard specified in these Business Terms and Conditions and at the LidskáSí Portal (especially under the reference of the cleaned area ). By order, you are proposing to conclude a contract on Mediation with Human Force and Cleaning Agreements with any Professionals we will find. ). Objednávkou navrhujete uzavření smlouvy o Zprostředkování s LidskáSíla a Smlouvy o Úklidu s kterýmkoliv Profesionálem, kterého Vám najdeme.

If your order is OK, we will confirm your acceptance by e-mail. You have entered into a Contract on Mediation with LidskáSíla as the Applicant.

Based on the confirmed order, LidskáSíla will ensure that a specific Professionals will provide a Cleaning Service. Lidská Síla will endeavor to ensure that the Professional, who has already provided for the Applicant for the Cleaning Service in the past, and the Applicant has been satisfied with the result. By applying for an order, LidskáSíla empowers the Contractor to propose the conclusion of the Cleaning Agreement to the Professional.

Commissions for mediation

Mediation is free for you if the Cleaning Service is provided according to your order. When you cancel or change the Order of the Cleaning Service, we may request a commission for Mediation by the Cleaning Price List. You can get the commission from what you paid for the cleaning service.

Cleaning Agreement and Payment for Cleaning Services

The contract for cleaning is concluded between the Applicant and a specific Professional at the time when such a Professional (represented by LidskáSíla, as the case may be) confirms the Order. This does not have to be our first e-mail, because we do not know which Professionals will come to you for cleaning. If a specific Professional did not confirm your order in advance, the Cleanup Agreement is concluded when the Professional begins to provide Cleaning Services.

The applicant will be prompted to pay the ordered cleaning service online in due time before the scheduled cleaning service.

LidskáSíla may request or allow the Pre-Provider to provide funds to cover the Cleaning Service he / she intends to use in the future (for example, to pay the funds immediately upon the order). The applicant may in advance provide funds for the payment of the Cleaning Service, with the possibility to claim the use of the Cleaning Service in the form of a voucher to another Applicant. In this case, the Contract for Cleaning is concluded with the Applicant who has applied the voucher. If the Customer provided funds before the Closing Contract was concluded, then the Cleaning Service is deemed to have been paid to the Professional at the time of the conclusion of the Cleaning Agreement.

All payments for the Cleaning Services from the Customer belong to the Professionals providing the Cleaning Service. Lidská Síla does not accept payment for the Cleaning Service as a reimbursement for its services but only for the purpose of securing payment for the Cleaning Services to the Professionals through the payment service provider. The funds provided in advance by LidskáSíla for the payment of the Cleaning Service are not remunerated. HumanSize does not provide payment services, any possible payment transactions result from Mediated Cleaning Services.

Exchange of Professionals

If, following the conclusion of the Cleaning Agreement, the Customer requests the exchange of a Professional, or if the Professional with whom the Customer has concluded the Cleaning Agreement can not provide the Cleaning Service, the HumanSil or the Professional in cooperation with Lidská Síla can provide another Profession and notify the Customer. The notice terminates the Cleaning Agreement with the original Professional and the Contract for Cleaning with a New Professional (for both Professionals can act LidskáSíla). At this point the original Professional will be refunded for the unpaid cleaning service and the Cleaning Service payment will be made to the new Professional.

Cancel an order

If the Applicant fails to make a payment within 24 hours of sending a call for payment, LidskáSíla may cancel the Customer's order, dismissing the Professionals for the Closing Contract proposal and resigning with immediate effect from the Contract for Mediation between the Applicant and LidskáSíla.

Termination of the Cleaning Agreement

If the Customer has ordered regular cleaning, both the Applicant and the Professional may terminate the contract by e-mail or through the profile of the Applicant at the LidskáSí Portal. If the contract is issued by the Applicant, it pays a one-time fee for mediation according to the Cleaning Price List. Professionals can act at the People's Force.

Price for Cleaning Services

The Professional is provided by the Applicants for Cleaning Services at the price of the Cleaning Service ( Final Price ). By default, the professional provides cleaning services for the period the Customer has ordered. In this case, the Final Price is always the same as the Pre-Prize you see when ordering.

Longer or shorter cleaning: If the Professional and the Applicant agree with the consent of Lidská Síla for a longer period of time to provide the cleaning service or if the cleaning has been shorter, the Professional must inform LidskáSíla and the difference between the Preliminary and the Final Price will be paid or refunded after the Cleaning service or the difference will be adjusted Preliminary and Final Price of another ordered Cleaning Service. Upon editing, the cleaning time is calculated every half hour. Shorter sections of service delivery are always counted in half an hour.

Price change for regular cleaning: If the Customer has ordered regular cleaning, the Professional may notify the Applicant of any change between the individual cleaning. The professional will state in the notification when the new price is due, but not earlier than one week after notification. If the Applicant does not agree with the new price, the regular cleaning may cancel anytime until the day the increase in the new price does not apply to the cancellation fee. If the Customer does not cancel the cleaning, the new Preliminary Prize, from which the Final Price is calculated, shall apply from the date stated in the notice. Notice of change may also be made by the Human Force for Professionals.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

Although Lidská Síla is not a party to the Cleanup Agreement, the Applicant may provide the Guarantee of Satisfaction if the Applicant fulfills the conditions set out in paragraph 18. The applicant will receive part or all of the amount paid in the form of credits for further cleaning. The guarantee of satisfaction does not apply to one-off cleaning

To qualify for the Guarantee of Satisfaction, the Applicant must meet both of the following conditions:

  • within 24 hours of providing the Cleaning Service, LidskáSíla informs you that it is not satisfied with the provision of the Cleaning Service and applies the Guarantee of Satisfaction,
  • to allow re-provision of the Clearing Service by another Professional to the same extent again within three business days of the claim and one of the three terms proposed by HumanSilight within these three days.

Principles of Provision of Cleaning Services

The professional will arrive at the agreed time on the agreed date and start providing the Cleaning Service. If the Professional is actively denied entry to the premises in which he is to provide the Cleaning Service, the Professional is not obliged to provide the Cleaning Service and retains the entire amount paid by the Preliminary Prize as a flat-rate flat-rate reimbursement.

If the Professional arrives at the premises in which the Service is to be provided on the agreed date and the premises are locked, and the Professionals will not be able to arrange the access inside, he will wait for 15 minutes. Then he will try to contact the Applicant appropriately. If it fails to do so within 30 minutes of the scheduled date of commencement of the Cleaning Service, the Professional is not obliged to provide the Cleaning Service and retains the entire amount paid by the Preliminary Prize as an agreed flat-rate compensation.

The professional will not take the keys from the premises where the Cleaning Service is supposed to provide, unless the Applicant has previously agreed to the HumanSil. If so agreed, the Professional will write to the Applicant a key handover protocol, the design of which will be provided by HumanSil. If the Applicant passes the keys to the Professional without the consent of LidskáSíla, the Applicants are not entitled to exercise the Guarantee of Satisfaction

In cases where the Applicant demonstrably learns about the Cleaning Services offered by the Professional through HumanSil, and nevertheless, the Clearing Service is negotiated with the Professional without the knowledge of LidskáSíla (without using the LidskáSí Portal), the right to the Guarantee of Satisfaction does not arise. The applicant is not entitled without the consciousness of HumanSize to agree the terms of the provision of the Cleaning Service directly with the Professional. In such a case, the right not only for the Guarantee of Satisfaction, but also for any other performance, in particular the insurance benefit in the event of an insured event, or the continuous quality control provided by the Cleaning Services by the Professional, shall cease.

The professional provides cleaning services on the basis of the order and completes the checklist for each provided cleaning service. If the Applicant and the Professional agree after the conclusion of a cleaning contract on a different scope of the Cleaning Service and the Applicant will enter the cleaning instructions differently from the ordered range, the Professional is entitled to comply with the instructions of the Applicant and do not have to carry out the cleaning according to the order. This fact will be entered by the Professional in the checklist, which will be filled in, after the cleaning has been signed and will leave the Applicant in a visible place.

The professional must keep confidential all information relating to the Prospective with whom the Professional has come into contact in the provision of the Clearing Services to the Applicant and, without the consent of the Applicant, will not disclose such confidential information to other persons unless such disclosure is required by law.

Obligations of the Applicant

The applicant is obliged to provide the Professionals with sufficient detergents and tools, the list of which is published on the LidskáSí Portal. Failure to meet this condition expires in the Guarantee of Satisfaction and the Professional is not obliged to provide the Cleaning Service and retains the entire amount paid by the Preliminary Prize as an agreed lump sum compensation.

The applicant is obliged to provide the Professionals with access to the premises where the Cleaning Service is to be provided.

The applicant must not leave unattended any items in the area where the cleaning service is provided, the total value of which exceeds CZK 10,000, including cash.

The applicant is obliged to behave professionally and do not bother to do it unnecessarily.

Liability, insurance and complaints

LidskáSíla does not provide cleaning services and is not responsible or liable for any damage caused by the provision of the Cleaning Services. The Professional shall be solely responsible for any damage caused by the provision of the Cleaning Service.

If the Applicant has any complaints about the quality of the Cleaning Service or believes that it has been damaged by the Cleaning Service, they must contact LidskáSíla and they will seek to find a solution between the Applicant and the Professional.

LidskáSíla has concluded liability insurance for damage caused by the operation of Intermediary Activities with an insurance benefit limit of CZK 10 million.

Statement of Applicants and Professionals

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, both Prospects and Professionals confirm that:

  • are entitled and entitled to legal proceedings leading to the conclusion of the Mediation Agreement (between the Applicant and the People's Force) and the Cleaning Agreements (between the Professional and the Applicant)
  • all information and data provided to LidskáSíla (especially the data provided at registration) are true, accurate and up to date.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, both the Applicants and the Professionals undertake to:

  • they will update their data within 8 days of their change through the LidskáSí Portal
  • (i) for any unlawful purpose, (ii) in a manner that would disrupt, damage, distort or restrict the LidskáSí Portal or reduce its performance; or (iii) for any purpose other than the purpose for which it is intended,
  • refrain from circumventing and / or modifying security measures of the LidskáSí Portal, uploading files containing viruses, Trojans or other malicious codes, attempting to access other users' accounts, or otherwise violating any security measures
  • keep the access data provided to your account in secret, provide them with a third party and maintain reasonable caution when using the LidskáSí Portal, in particular by adhering to the general security policies for handling access data.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, Prospects and Professionals are aware of and agree that:

  • Lidská Síla does not guarantee the continuous operation of the Portal LidskáSí,
  • Lidská Síla does not guarantee that it will be able to mediate cleaning services at the requested time and place, nor does it guarantee the availability of a particular Professional - the availability of Cleaning Services depends on the capacity of individual Professionals,
  • Lidská Síla reserves the right to refuse to mediate the Cleaning Service to any Applicant without giving any reason; the price bid that appears during the order is only a Pre-Prize; The final price depends on the actual time that the Professional Cleaning Services performed.

Protection of personal data

In order for LidskáSíla to be able to mediate cleaning services under these terms and conditions, it must process some personal information of the Applicant. These are the personal data that the Applicant passes to LidskáSíla via the LidskáSí Portal upon registration or subsequently during the duration of the registration and the data on the Mediation. The data administrator will be HumanSize, which will process the data for (i) the performance of the Mediation Agreement (the Operator will therefore use the data in particular to link Buyers and Professionals and mediate payments), (ii) negotiations on the Mediation Agreement (this is valid until the order is confirmed ) and (iii) to protect the interests of HumanSil (this applies in particular to cases where HumanSil or the Applicant refuses or cancels the registration - yet HumanSize may retain the data necessary to exercise its rights). The person expressly agrees to such processing, but acknowledges that such processing is permitted without his express consent.

The Applicant also agrees to send a Business Message to LidskáSíla. Consent can be revoked at any time.

LidskáSíla will handle the data for as long as the Applicant is registered on the LidskáSí Portal and then 5 years after the registration is terminated or the withdrawal of the consent.

The applicant is hereby informed that he / she has the right to information on what personal data, the purpose and the manner in which they are processed. If he finds or believes that the controller carries out the processing of his or her personal data contrary to the protection of his or her private and personal life or in contravention of a legal regulation, in particular if personal data are inaccurate with regard to the purpose of their processing, explanation, or require the administrator to remove the resulting state. This may be blocking, repairing, adding or deleting personal information. Interested parties can communicate with Personal Data at

Lessons for consumers

The Consumer is any Individual - a natural person who enters into an agreement with an entrepreneur outside the scope of his / her business or outside the independent performance of his / her profession (the Consumer ) is a businessman (LidskáSíla and Profesionál are entrepreneurs in this sense).

The consumer has the right to withdraw from the Contract on Mediation and from the Cleaning Agreement without giving a reason within a period of 14 days. This period runs from the day the contract is concluded. If the Consumer orders the Clearing Service for a term less than 15 days after the order, he / she then expressly requests LidskáSíla to provide Mediation prior to the expiration of the 14-day period and undertakes to pay the Mediation Prize in accordance with the Clearing Price List. If the Closing Contract is concluded less than 15 days prior to the cleaning period, the Consumer expressly asks the Professionaire to start providing the Cleaning Service before the end of the 14-day period and undertakes to pay any flat-rate compensation if the service is not provided under these conditions Professionals or not providing cleaning facilities).

The professional empowers LidskáSíla to accept from the Consumer a withdrawal from the Cleanup Agreement. If the Consumer wishes to withdraw from the Contract on Mediation or from the Cleaning Agreement, he must demonstrably inform LidskáSíla in the form of a unilateral text of the legal action filed to LidskáSíla. Sample withdrawal resembles the following: "Notice of withdrawal. I hereby declare that I hereby abstain from the Cleaning Agreement according to the order of [insert date of the order] [Enter your name and address below and sign]. "

Lidská Force will provide the prepaid price, reduced if necessary by the partial service fee, at the latest within 14 days of withdrawal from the Contract for Refund.

Contact details for exercising consumer rights:

LidskáSíla s.r.o.
Pernerova 10/32
186 00 Praha 8
tel. 226 289 000

If the dispute can not be settled between the Consumer and LidskáSíla, or between the Consumer and the Professional, the Consumer may request an out-of-court settlement of the dispute with the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, which is the Competent Body for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes. The form and more detailed information is available on the website of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority

Final Provisions

LidskáSíla reserves the right to modify or amend these business terms and conditions unilaterally in accordance with legal regulations and, at the same time, undertakes to inform Applicants and Professionals about any such changes or additions through the LidskáSí Portal or in any other appropriate manner. If the Applicant or the Professional disagrees with the change in the Terms of Business, he may terminate the Mediation Agreement or the Contract for Cleaning with effect from the date of entry into force of the new Business Terms and Conditions.

All legal relationships arising under or in connection with the LidskáSí Portal are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, irrespective of where access has been made to them.

If any of the provisions of the Terms of Business becomes invalid or ineffective, instead of such invalid provisions, a provision shall be enforced, the purpose of which shall be as close as possible to the economic purpose of an invalid or ineffective provision. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of any provision is without prejudice to the validity and effectiveness of other provisions. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of a provision only in relation to a particular entity or a group of entities is without prejudice to the validity and effectiveness of those provisions with respect to other entities.

Addendum to Business Terms

* The appendix refers to the "festive cleaning" marketing event. This action runs from November 20, 2017 to February 2, 2018

Execution of cleaning

The lady is able to carry out normal hygiene cleaning in full range and quality. By mutual agreement between the lady and the customer, there can be increased cleaning for extra holiday activities. Both the lady and the customer will communicate these activities during the inspection of the premises before the cleaning itself. Whether a lady of extra holiday activity will be willing and able to do it, she must decide herself on the spot before the start of the activity. If both parties agree on some activities, after the cleaning has finished, the activity is written down in the checklist and the lady reports the actual length of the cleaning at e-mail

Performing and claiming extra holiday activities

Gift wrapping, holiday decorating and other extra holiday activities have an increased risk of dissatisfaction, which occurs if the customer's expectations are not met, immediately at the beginning of the cleaning. Another serious cause may be too general.

We recommend that work is not begun before the customer gives the lady a detailed insight into the outcome, and before the lady is really sure he understands the customer's understanding and has all the tools necessary to realize the idea.

Any complaints about extra holiday activities should take place immediately after the cleaning has ended, when the customer takes over the apartment. The lady does not leave the customer's flat until the customer assures her of taking over the apartment without any reason to complain. LidskáSí bears no responsibility for the misconduct of the extra activities that are agreed between the lady and the customer.

Working tools

It is the responsibility of the customer to have the necessary cleaning agents specified in the list of detergents.

Complaints about cleaning

In the case of a recognized claim, compensation can be paid in two ways.

  1. The lady and the customer will agree on a repair period, where the scope of work will correspond to the repair of the claimed cleaning part.
  2. If the result is not still satisfying after a solution in point 1, this will result in a refund of up to 70 % of the cleaning cost.

If the reasons for the claim relate only to the quality of the cleaning performed and LidskáSí did not create the cause of the claim by its error, the compensation of 70 % of the damages will be paid by the service provider, ie the lady for cleaning.

Canceling the cleaning

Cancel the cleaning only for serious reasons.

Lady removes cleaning by application or, in exceptional cases, by email

The customer can cancel the cleaning through his online profile or via e-mail

Addendum to Business Terms

Addition of business terms for the sale of goods through an online store located at